wears with sleeves cater for homecoming party

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I will post two versions of the same question minus a one detail.
This question is "reportedly a made up question " by a LCSW.
A SW meets with a ten year old and her younger brother because of behavior problems. In the intake interview, the mother reports that she divorced the alcoholic abusive father of the children. The mother works evenings and leave the children with her husband. The boy's disruptive behaviors are straining the new marriage. The girl has shown a decline in personal hygiene, school grades and social activities. THE BOY COMPLAINS THAT HIS STEPFATHER SPENDS TOO MUCH TIME WITH HIS SISTER AND IGNORES HIM. THE GIRL REPORTS NO PROBLEMS. What is the most likely explanation? wears with sleeves cater for homecoming party
A. Loss of biological father is unresolved
B. Children are acting out sibling rivalry
C. Parent's conflict is affecting the children
D. Stepfather is sexually molesting the girl.

The answer D, with or without that omitted detail.
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