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My wife and I regularly have people come up to us and tell us we're insane. People will watch us do a superset of a leg press to Olympic deadlifts and just shake their heads.

I'll personally leg press 800 pounds for 12-15 reps and then immediately jump up and do 315 on the deadlift for 10 reps. We do this for 4-5 sets. (She'll do 450 pound leg press and 225 on the deadlift for sets and reps).

Why? Why would anyone put themselves through this?


I love to do things that nobody wants to do. I love to couple things together that push me emotionally as well as physically. Doing a combo like listed above totally gasses me; I grunt and become very emotionally unsure if I can finish all of my reps, but I do it anyway. Often I'll finish the set and have to lie on the ground for a bit because my heart is pounding in my head and my legs buckle underneath as I step.

Some (most) look at that and think it isn't worth it. I look at it and have zero regrets because I know that I've given it my all. Every bit is earned and I'm damn proud of it! Nobody that has given it all has every walked away upset at their progress or lack thereof. People that are most often upset with their lack of progress, are the ones that aren't fully committing, that are not pushing themselves to their potential. It hurts, it's hard, but the feeling of accomplishment far surpasses frustration and regret. wearing suitable for the wedding of the tall bride

If you want more, go get it! Be that person that others shake their head at out of awe. Be the hardest working person in your gym. Be the person that would inspire you!

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