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Cancer is known as a deadly disease. Often people are scared when they hear the name of a disease called cancer. When the development of cells decreases or uncontrolled growth occurs, then the disease called cancer begins to be born. Just as our body needs balanced food and oxygen, in the same way, body cells also need regular balanced food, for example, if we eat body-friendly food then we keep ourselves healthy. Nowadays, people have become so busy in running a race life that they do not lose control of their body as non-violent. Nowadays the catering has already become fully equipped. vintage inspired wears for maid of honor in tea length

People have started fleeing away from the fresh air, every person wants to stay in more and more AC. Due to which the cells do not get pure air nor pure food.

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When the balance of body cells worsens, cells begin to break down into either new cells or they fail to form new cells. When the some of these cells starts gathering at one place, it takes the form of the tumor, which is called tumor. Unusual lobes of bone cells are called bone tumors. If these tumors are not treated timely, they take the form of cancer.

Cancer symptoms include boils, abnormal bleeding from any part of the body, unusual changes in the skin, loss of appetite, coughing,, changes in the voice etc. Biopsies are used to detect cancer. In this, a small part of the knot is removed and then it is tested. If information on cancer can be found at the time, treatment of cancer can be possible.