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1ai.Homeostasis can be defined as a property of an organism or system that helps it maintain its parameters within a normal range of values
ii. 1.Auxin
iii. Euglena as plant
1.It contains chloroplasts in its cytoplasm
2. It is able to produce its own food by photosynthesis when light is available
Euglena as animal:
1. It can actually move as it has a flagellum. Movement is usually associated with animals.
2. It feeds on food whenever it needs to feed by engulfing the food with its body as our phagocytes do when the sunlight is not available.
3ai) Enzyme : Proteins that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction in a living organism. An enzyme acts as catalyst for specific chemical reactions, converting a specific set of reactants (called substrates) into specific products. Without enzymes , life as we know it would not exist.
II) cyclosis: the circulation of cytoplasm or cell
organelles, such as food vacuoles in some protozoans
III) peristalsis: the progressive wave of contraction and relaxation of a tubular muscular system, especially the alimentary canal, by which the contents are forced through the system.
3bii) The dental formula for different species are as follows where I = incisors, C = canines, P = premolars and M = molars : Man (adult)
I - 2/2 C - 1/1 P - 2/2 M - 3/3 = 16 x 2 = 32
3cii) Main Functions Of Amniotic Fluid
Provides Mechanical Protection : One of the main functions of amniotic fluid is to prevent mechanical trauma to the fetus. It keeps the growing fetus encased safely, acting as a shock absorber of sorts. Amniotic fluid provides a well-lubricated environment for the fetus to move around in, thereby helping in bone growth and strengthening. vintage inspired gowns for mother of the bride
Allows Development of Body Parts: Amniotic fluid circulates freely within the womb, keeping every part of the body lubricated. That allows for the growth of the external body parts such as fingers and toes and stops them from becoming clumped together. It also helps in the development of the lungs and the digestive system.
Offers A Natural Immune System : Amniotic fluid is a significant player in the baby’s natural immune system. Many of the antimicrobial substances that make up the natural immune system of the baby can be found in amniotic fluid. These antimicrobials protect the baby from various bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses