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What is BioCleanse? For a severe asthmatic bordering on COPD (non-smoker) it contains magnesium which helps clear the mucus plugs in my lungs. It's not labeled for this so this is my personal experience. It helps me to breathe and helps keep me from losing my voice. I make my living by talking to patients so this IS critical for me. Prior to Plexus my pulmonary function dropped to 56% and 5+ mo I was hoarse. I was taking OTC Mg for a year with no improvement. Within 1 mo on BioCleanse I felt huge benefits.

Per Livestrong.com: "The mineral magnesium can increase lung capacity, decrease lung inflammation, eliminate mucus from your airways, relax lung muscles and reduce your risk of bronchial spasms, indicates LIVESTRONG. However, many people don’t realize Vitamin D and magnesium are connected, as Natural News states. Vitamin D uses magnesium when converting supplements into its active form within the blood." It is also important you supplement with Vit A,C,D,E too. I get that in my daily vitamin XFactor Plus with a polyphenol blend that increases akkermansia and 2 other gut bacteria. tea length dress that prom considered
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