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My 6 month old son was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy Hemiplegia. As a toddler, he was not able to stand by himself, and had a hard time crawling. His right hands and legs were very weak. We went to see a Pedia-Neuro and was told, "There's nothing we can do." Upon hearing that, my heart broke and I left the clinic crying. summer wedding party wear for guests

My son underwent all kinds of therapies that could possible help him learn how to walk, and eventually live like a normal child. He was able to walk, jump an ... d run but still his right hand could not grip or grasp. Aside from his physical disabilities, our Developmenta Pedia diagnosed him with Global Delay Development (GDD).

When he was 6 years old, his mental age was only 3 -3.5 years old. So at age 6, he was only at kindergarten.

We are so blessed that my mom was introduced to Reliv by a friend. We started giving my son Reliv products when he was 8 yrs old.
The first improvement we noticed from my son was his voluntary movements to open his right hand, and grasp some of his toys. He has been taking Reliv NOW for a year.

My son is now 9 yrs old. He can READ, WRITE, and GRASP objects with his right hand. His comprehension level is so much higher than before. He can WALK, JUMP. CLIMB, and even ZIPLINE.

We praise God for Reliv.

Shared by: Sarah R.F.
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