suitable items to wear of the masquerade

These poor babies have a terrible problem. Mickey has a mouth granuloma as you see in the photo he has like a large pimple on his tongue, Bouzo the second cat has mouth rodent ulcer, and Beissa has bad teeth most likely due to fiv.

They cannot eat regular dry food and normal food makes their mouth hurt. I need to buy for them baby cat dry food.. it costs $18 per 2 kg bag, it is v important for their health.

Can you please help? each cat has taken rounds of medications by th ... e way but most probably all 3 r fiv positive and we couldn't do the tests bec they get mad at the vet clinic and require sedation which is not the best idea for their health.

Please donate even a little, money is not worth the paper it's printed on in Cairo and I'm awfully struggling financially to keep food on the table for the cats .. funds buy only food for them to just stay alive not even to have enough food bec prices keep on getting higher, it's 5 times what it was in a matter of 2 years and it's double what it was 2 months ago, we cannot go on without your help suitable items to wear of the masquerade <3

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