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Happy Valentines Day to all.... when you have some time, enjoy this excerpt from

“Love and Loyalty”

Just as the massive tent had been unfurled the previous day at Persephone’s parents home, this day in particular brimmed full with the promise of unbridled joy awaiting to be unfurled.

Fitzgerald and Victoria Henry’s home nestled amongst huge boulders conceivably deposited by the Ice Age sat astride the Atlantic Ocean. The magnificent home was to provide the backdrop to which the highly anticipated wedding reception would take place. The wedding party was large on both bride and groom’s side filled with lifelong friends well lifelong inasmuch they could be at the tender ages of eighteen and twenty respectively.

The bride svelte in her bridal gown adorned with lace. The groom handsome in white dinner jacket, black dress trousers embellished with black on black satin stripe. Persephone’s mantilla which was the latest rage in wedding attire was also of lace. Per donned a traditional black bow tie with accompanying cummerbund completing the dapper ensemble. Both bride and groom were experiencing an emotion akin to the first day of school. One of nervous anticipation. Smiling and clasping hands both bride and groom together greeted each of their two hundred plus guests. The entire event orchestrated and lovingly thrown by the doting parents of the bride, Fitzgerald and Victoria Henry.

The previous evening had been the prelude to this happy occasion. Hosted by the groom’s parents, Winston and Katie Olson , a much smaller version of the grand affair but just as heartfelt. An intimate dinner put on at the town fixture for dining, Antonio’s Pier 143. This much less formal venue was uproariously filled with tawdry humor but no less authentic well wishes and warmth. The nautical themed joint boasted of a fine view of the inner harbor overlooking all of the many fishing vessels.

Per’s siblings were all in attendance at the lively rehearsal dinner. His three older brothers, Willis, Otto and Ludwig were to be his ushers. His cherub faced baby sister Katrinka was to be the flower girl. Katrinka overjoyed at the prospect took her role most seriously and had opted to stay behind and practice and perfect her walk down an imaginary church aisle at the family home.

During desert, coffee and cordials, the favorite topic of the hour was told with abandon. The close knit circle of guests marveled at the audacity surrounding the little yellow thread. Victoria ever as kindhearted as she was naturally was not one to trifled with on any level. She surreptitiously affixed a little yellow thread to the underskirt of the gown she and Persephone had chosen and subsequently purchased. The brazen act effectively insured the transaction. Upon completion of the required alterations to the gown, the telltale sign would either be present or not. Evidence whether the dress was in fact the original or a replica.

Alas, on the allotted day for pickup, the yellow thread was nowhere to be found. The well-established bridal boutique had some serious explaining to do to Victoria. The net result of the incident was not made public and handled discreetly . The mishap was ultimately settled monetarily between Fitzgerald and the owner of the high end bridal boutique, Savior Faire. The take away of this anecdote, do not ever try to pull the wool over Victoria Imogene’s eyes period end of story. Shaking of heads and plenty of laughter ensued and captioned the scene during and after the retelling of the tale.

Homage was once again paid to the mother of the beautiful bride for her baking prowess. Victoria no stranger to decadent deserts had generously offered to create the wedding cake. The delectable tower was to consist of five tiers alternating between fruitcake and meringue. The sugary confection was then to be accented by edible iced vines cascading and intertwining throughout the resplendent cake. To prominently display this true labor of love an antique table belonging to Fitzgerald’s great grandmother on his fraternal side was carefully placed in a specifically designated area of the tent.

The summer with its abundance of seasonal activities and fetes was in full swing. The requisite summer outings of beach parties, bonfires, lobster bakes, visits to drive in theaters sunset sails circling around one of the two lighthouses sometimes both filled the ideal days. The spirit was one of ebullience and hope starkly in contrast to the country’s grim outlook and uncertain future. One last hurrah before reality replaced the magical mood.

On the day of the wedding, all facets joined in perfect alignment. Glorious and sun filled was the morning giving the illusion of diamonds dancing on a sea of navy. Persephone and Per were each at their respective family’s homes in the quintessential fishing village, Satuit by the Sea. Both families having relations that pointed to people that held long lines tied to the indigenous fishing community. Sadly some had even lost loved ones to the sea. A wildly dangerous body to behold mixed with an abiding reverence to its sheer power was the resounding message to all whose livelihood depended on it. “All that stuns the soul, all that imprints a feeling of terror leads to the sublime” British statesman Edmund Burke articulated in a 1757 treatise and echoed by French philosopher Denis Diderot a decade later.

The coastline of this picturesque place extended not in a straight line but rather on an undulating curvature seemingly enveloping the town as if it were a rare and priceless jewel. Exquisitely scenic but also possessing a raw grittiness germinating from the working class fishermen and their trawlers. The Scottish Riviera was a special combination of year round residents and those affluent families that only summered in the town. Positioned in such a way, the sea bordered destination garnered much popularity during a short three months.

Persephone’s brothers collectively known as “the boys” had all embarked on their individual lives in different areas of the country. Truman, Laurence and Sebastian all pursuing their dreams on paths uniquely etched out in keeping with their individual personas and strengths. Now it was time to venture back east to their hometown to lend their emotional support to their only sister.

By most standards, Satuit by the Sea was a rather sleepy town. Occasionally, the weather and its attending turbulent storm patterns would force the nation to pause to take notice directing its attention to the eastern seaboard. Not known for its sophistication and most definitely not categorized as cosmopolitan , this wedding was enigmatically causing some sort of a sensation nonetheless. The local newspaper Satuit Sailor Review sent a summer intern, Theodore Thaxter to snap a few candid photographs of the shindig. The pictures would then be featured in the people and places section of the Sunday edition. All of Theodore’s friends referred to him as Theo. Theo unwittingly caught a shot in sepia that would prove to be the missing link years later connecting the past to the present.

The bespoke photograph was taken during the traditional bouquet toss amidst a sea of anxiously awaiting unattached female guests. The level of frenetic energy is palpable. The professional photographer literally catches the bouquet by default thereby necessitating Persephone to launch the arrangement in a second attempt. As was the custom albeit nonchalantly, Persephone was in the process of aiming the nosegay in the direction of her maid of honor, Claudette Caversham. Claudette, the raven haired beauty had been friends with Persephone since grade school.

The photograph of the happening clearly delineates a last minute rush on the midair bouquet. Legs and arms are thrown wildly askew while Louise Child’s snatches the floral bouquet from Claudette’s delicate grasp. All in good fun Claudette or Cee Cee, the nickname bestowed on her by her own loved ones handles the interloper with aplomb. Cee Cee gracefully sidesteps narrowly avoiding the full onslaught of flailing limbs and flying hairdos. Claudette is much more interested in the imminent departure of her dearest friend anyways. A hug and a kiss followed by the words best wishes and good luck whispered into Persephone’s ear by Cee Cee and the stunning couple is off. The final destination of this non traditional road trip honeymoon is Cecil Field Naval base in Jacksonville Florida. They depart in their fire engine red VW bug with beer cans strewn and trailing behind and a shaving cream display proclaiming “Just Married” smeared on the back window. short mother of the bride dresses