short items to wear in the wedding that is not expensive

I love this--the heart behind this--and that we can see and know these women, celebrate them and mourn them. This was brought to my attention only a couple of years ago that for as many women being wheeled in for C-sections, there was an alarming amount of women secretly being wheeled out who didn't survive their C-sections... and it truly shocked me. I had no reason to think anything other than, "It's America, women give birth, have C-sections and mom and baby go home, rinse and repeat. Nothing dangerous happens much these days --really really low risk." (my mom and I came close to dying during my birth due to dangerous decisions some nurses made as they chose to not follow the doctor's orders until he could get there, but that was before imaging and technology that we have now-back when the gender reveal party didn't happen until after the delivery). I hate how for whatever reason, women and men in America don't have grieving periods for the miscarriages--no matter how far along they were. It's a loss of a life already so loved and connected with, and yet, no one talks about it. It's like we have this sense that no one wants to hear about it or talk about, nor would their pain and loss be viewed/valued/equal as anything of importance of losing a life that lives outside of the womb. .... This is all so heartbreaking, but a really good reminder of what is happening all the time in our midst without us having any clue that it is. Not to mention all the men and women who can't have babies and want to. short items to wear in the wedding that is not expensive

Lost Mothers An estimated 700 to 900 women in the U.S. died from pregnancy-related causes in 2016. We have identified 120 of them so