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[proteinuria does not disappear nor does it need to panic]
We often encounter some patients with chronic kidney disease, although after long-term and regular treatment, proteinuria can not disappear. What should we do now? In this case, we do not have to be too obsessed, because a considerable number of proteinuria in nephrotic patients can not be completely disappeared even after regular treatment. The patient should know that the goal of the treatment is to prevent and delay progressive deterioration of renal function, to improve or alleviate clinical symptoms, and to prevent serious complications, rather than to completely eliminate proteinuria. It is generally believed that if the patient can control the amount of 24h urine protein below 0.5~1.0g, the rate of renal function decline can be obviously delayed. Of course, this does not mean that when the target falls, the patient can sit back and relax. We should still observe the urine, and should regularly (at least every 1 months 1~3 times) to test blood pressure, kidney function, urine sediment, urine protein changes, etc., if the female patient wants to have the pregnancy. Before and after should strengthen the examination. short and mini items in red