sequined prom selections with rose gold

Kia ora Whanau, we have had a few cases of Roseola in the centre, so please keep an eye out for it, see the link below for information on it. Hopefully a rest at home over the next few days might help us to stop the spread, to support us in managing this please ensure your tamariki/ children are kept at home if unwell with any of the signs below. Also note that if a child is needing paracetamol or any pain relief to manage symptoms of any illness eg. coughs, colds, ear aches etc then we require them to be kept at home until all symptoms have passed. We thank you for your support in this as we have the well-being of all children and staff to consider. Nardine sequined prom selections with rose gold :)

Roseola infantum (sixth disease) - Southern Cross NZ Roseola is a common and usually mild viral illness, causing fever and skin rash. Transmission, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment,