prom party dresses for senior students

Middletown community provides ‘gently used’ prom clothes in party atmosphere

Models show off fashions at the prom event
MIDDLETOWN – Attending the senior prom is a rite of passage for many high school students, but for many, prom clothes are just too expensive.

That’s where Temple Sinai in Middletown comes in. For the last five years, community members have been donating ‘gently used’ prom dresses. On Sunday, it was a party atmosphere with a DJ, fashion show, and dresses to take home, noted Temple President Paula Blumenau.

“There is a huge selection, every size; shoes and bags and jewelry that can make it accessible,” Blumenau said. “We did it all at one time and made it a party. You’re coming and shopping and coming out with a free dress and that’s the goal.”

State Senator Jennifer Metzger attended the event remembering how her date’s mother sewed her prom dress.

“I totally appreciate this event. I really understand how it can, as a high school kid, make all the difference in the world; you have to get that outfit to go to the prom.” Metzger enjoyed watching the fashion show. “Next year I will be on that runway. The fashion show was fantastic and it raises money for the warming station which provides a valuable service to the community, and it’s fun and I look forward to it.” prom party dresses for senior students

Blumenau said 75 percent of Middletown students come from low-income families so this event is a welcome opportunity for them to obtain free prom outfits.-Mid Hudson News.