long wedding outfits with court/chapel trains

Wedding fashions - the wedding dress train

Following the latest royal wedding, wedding dress trains are back in a big way. A train is an extra length of fabric that extends from the back of your wedding gown and trails behind you as you walk or it might be part of your skirt or a waist overlay or even a cape-sweep. Watteau, fishtail or monarch there's a particular etiquette in all that extra fabric and it's important that you get the right look for your gown. long wedding outfits with court/chapel trains

Sweep or Brush: barely brushes the ground and is a great choice for outdoor weddings, looking lovely on mermaid-style gowns.

Court: slightly longer than the brush and can be a little difficult in long grass or on sand but it still a wonderful choice for an outdoor wedding.

Chapel: a chapel train is between 30-45 cm, and adds drama to an A-line gown.

Cathedral: At 55 cm or more, romantic and formal, a wonderful addition to the ball gown perhaps as a Watteau train (a single panel attaches to the top of your dress, either at the shoulders or the upper back of the bodice).

Royal or Monarch: The longest of the trains, this option extends 90 cm or more on the floor and definitely requires assistance.

Following the ceremony the train might be removed or tucked (normally buttoned) up to make it the same length as the rest of the skirt, longer trains might require each layer to be properly folded and fluffed into an intricate bustle.

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