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All of them went silent and turned towards the detective; he was holding a file.

"What is that?" George asked sounding curious.

"I asked around and one of her colleagues happened to have this file. Whatever is inside this file reveals some of her secrets." The detective replied calmly.

George took the file, then went through it and then he slowly looked towards the interrogation.

"I knew it! She was trying to cover up something." He then said.

"Cover up what sir?" Haman asked curiously.

"What we are about to find out. Nick, I want you to go and interrogate her brother again, use the information in this file." George replied as he gave back the file to the detective who had brought it.

Detective Nick then went to where Ben had been locked up, then began to interrogate him; the others were watching from outside.

"Hey man, are you now ready to give us a confession or you still want your lawyer?" Nick asked Ben.

"I want my lawyer." He replied rudely.

"I don't think you will be getting one anytime soon. Your sister confessed everything trying to protect you. We know that you raped your own sister and actually got her pregnant. Your niece, is she really your niece or your daughter?" Nick asked.

That got Ben by surprise, he did not expect that Clara would ever tell anyone about their child. He thought that Clara had sold him out, but it was Nick playing around with his mind. From Clara's confession, Nick assumed that her daughter was fathered by her own brother since nobody knew who the father was.

Also, Clara was trying to make up a story so as to protect her baby brother; the detectives dug deeper and found out that actually Ben raped Clara after she found him having swallowed the Viagra pills.

According to their reports, both parents who adopted the two kids were still alive, but when the detectives went to pay them a visit, they found out that they both went for a business trip and never came back; nobody knew where Clara's kid was apart from Clara herself.

They did not have a warrant to search the house, so they had to wait until they could convince the court to give them a warrant.

"You cannot understand, I did not rape her; I just did what I had to do for me to survive by relieving myself. As for the kid, we agreed to give her up for adoption but only Clara who knows where she went." Ben replied feeling ashamed.

"Why don't you do yourself a favour and tell me everything I need to know? I can minimize your sentence if you cooperate; but if you don't, we shall use your sister's confession to put you in jail for the rest of your life." Nick said politely but with a harsh tone.

Ben was a dummy and without his sister's help, he would be easily lied to. He believed that Clara had already confessed the truth, and since he did not know what was going on, he decided to confess the whole truth.

"It was on a Friday evening, our parents had gone for a business trip and we had the whole house all to ourselves. I decided to invite my girlfriend over for the weekend, and when she confirmed that she was coming, I decided to take some Viagra so that I could handle her. She always complained that I never satisfied her needs in bed, so that pushed me to the edge and I took the pills. I waited for her to arrive, but she did not show up. I tried calling her, but the phone was out of service; already the pills had kicked in and I was losing it." Ben began confessing. flower girl wears in red

"Before you go on, what was your girlfriend's name?" Nick asked.

"Her name was Julie." Ben replied.

Nick just wrote down the name and asked Ben to continue with his confession.

"So, what happened after Julie failed to show up?" Nick asked.

"I tried wanking myself but it wasn't working. About an hour later, Clara came home and found me at the sitting room. She noted that something was off with me, so she came and asked me what was wrong. I told her that I was not feeling well, so I asked her to take me to my bedroom. Clara was in collage back then doing her short course in Criminology; she was dressed just like a collage girl." Ben went on with his confession.

"If you don't mind, can you describe how Clara was dressed?" Nick asked.

"She was wearing a red dress which had flowers all over. It was very short and at the bottom, it looked like an umbrella." Ben replied.

Nick wrote that down as well, then he asked Ben to go on and narrate what happened after Clara helped him to his room.

Meanwhile, Haman was feeling hungry; so was Joe. The two decided to go get something to eat at a canteen which was just ten metres from the police headquarters, then come back to watch the confession from Ben. They definitely did not want to miss anything, but hunger was killing them.

Since they were just going to get some snacks outside the HQ, they did not need the police escort assigned to them by George because of the threats Haman was receiving.

The two left for the canteen as they talked of how crazy Ben and Clara were. Haman could not believe that he had slept with a woman who was sleeping with her own brother; and on the other hand, Joe was shocked how Ben of all people could be so desperate to a point of raping his own sister.

Haman believed that Clara's confession about sleeping with Ben willingly was true, while Joe believed that Ben's confession was the true one.

They got to the canteen and decided to get some burgers and a soft drink each. Joe decided to pay for the snacks, and while he was paying, Haman stood a few steps from the canteen.

He saw a black SUV a few metres from the canteen, with it's hazard lights on, but he did not bother much with the car. The SUV had tinted windows including the windshields, but since they were next to the police HQ, they felt safe.

Joe finished paying the bill and as they began walking back to the HQ, the black SUV began moving towards them and they just stepped aside to let it pass.

Instead of the car driving past them, it came and stopped in front of them, then two men in facemasks grabbed Haman and threw him in the SUV...

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