dresses for older brides

Listen, my stupid opinion on transgender, fetishes, etc if you want your tits cut off, tits put in, if you want your ball sack cut off, wanna wear lipstick, or grow facial hair, more power to you. If you wanna dress up like a damn 2 year old toddler and suck on a huge lollipop, I honestly don't give a rats ass WHAT you do to yourself. Wanna get tattoos up and down your penis or pierce your butthole? Congratulations. Have at it. Have a good time. Don't give a fuck. I might give u a strange look, cuz I don't get it, but, you do you boo. My life is too busy to care about what you wanna do to your bored ass self so you wanna overthink your identity or whatever it is. dresses for older brides
HOWEVER, This country is so damn spoiled people have time to change their entire self and concentrate on the fact that their own parents weren't as good as so and so parents. We actually have so much excess time on our hands that we wonder what it would be like to have a dick between our legs. Whereas other countries struggle to just bring water to their families. They don't have time to overthink every little thing. Staying alive is a priority. Not being a grown ass man wanting to dance in a tutu.
HOWEVER pay for it your DAMN SELF. I don't care if you identify with a 5 year old girl, a big butch construction worker, or a green alien from mars. You wanna be a green Martian with three tits? Fine by me!! Get a job and pay for your skin dye job yourself.

Note: I'm a damn hypocrite when I talk about having excess time for changing self in this spoiled country. (Name me ONE person not a hypocrite?) because today I'm getting a pedicure for beauty, and a chemical peel to my face in maintenance for a certain upcoming wedding. God forbid I look like an old bride with wrinkles. Fake lashes, makeup, lotions, body treatments, etc. BUT. I'm paying for it my damn self. just sayin.