chic graduation ceremony collections

......Weeks passed by,months passed by and they wrote thier Final exams.
Today was the ending of our exams,it felt so good to be finally through with secondary school.I was sad though that i wouldn't be seeing James and Diana everyday.I sat down at the school's biggest tree recieveing fresh air with James and Diana.."which university did you choose?i asked Diana who didn't seem to know which university to go to.."oduduwa university is what my parents chose for me after finishing,i will just become a model"..Diana said as she started showing us some of her moves.."you will make a good model,after i finish from the university i will just control my dad's business.They both had good things awaiting them in the future..i was not even sure what awaits my future..I still thank God for the scholarship given to me by my school or else i would have dropped out of school a long time ago..I thought about my mum..i really wished i could get rich quickly because i really needed to take care of her,she had been through a lot,raising me up and facing lots of embarassments just for me to live happily.. chic graduation ceremony collections
I got home and sat down smiling at my self.My mum was suprised seeing me so happy even my house maid..But they didnt know i was happy because i was finally through with secondary school and i would have time to win James heart before Jessica takes him completely away.My father suddenly came in to my room suprising me,i was really suprised because he had never entered my room.He sat down and cleared his throat.."you are probably suprised to see me here,you're not a kid anymore..very soon you would have to do somethings for me..don't ask me would know with time"..he stood up leaving me with a confused mind.What was my dad talking about??what important things??I pondered on this until the maid came to tell me dinner was ready.I called her back and told her to bring my food to my room.I didn't want to go downstairs at all.
I still couldn't believe i was graduating today,we were all seated wearing a graduation gown and caps.The principal announced me as the overall best graduating student of the year and also with a scholarship to attend oduduwa university.I and Diana would be seeing each other after all.I was called on stage and i could see tears of joy on my mother's eyes as she hugged me on stage.At the graduation party,James suprised me with a deep kiss which sent tingles to my body..i was embrassed because everyone was looking at us adorably..even my mum was smiling from far away..He suprised me with a customized charm bracelet which he got for both of us.."promise me you will never leave me and you will continue to love me forever,as long as you wear this bracelet,you are mine Jessica" he said holding my hands lovingly.."i promise to never ever leave you,i love you very much"i said hugging him wishing the moment could last forever.
"that common street girl was given the overall best student,you should be ashamed of yourself"my father said furiously as he drove the car.My mother was suprisingly silent.I didn't care about all my father said.I didn't care all i could think of was James and how to win him over at the party our parents organised just for the two of us.It was tonight and i was planning to wear the dress i bought two days ago just for the party
Mrs Adams
I had a lot to do,i had been given a job as the caterer of the party which was happening this night.I was busy packaging the food and drinks when Jessica arrived.She had gone to Diana's house to celebrate their graduation...."i really need your help my daughter,the waiters i hired are not enough so i was hoping you would join me..but if you're tired you can relax at home" i said as i sat down near her...of course i will follow you and you have also done so much for me,i would be a bad daughter if i didn't follow you"..i was happy that i had such a good child.We hired a taxi and we left for the party.....