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Dr young just came in and looked at Wryn and likes what he sees. He changed out her gauze from where the PD catheter use to be and it also looks good. Her belly is a little distended but that's expected. Her hernias that they repaired look great also. Last night they put her on some lasix and her kidney reacted great to it. She put out 90 first hour then 180 then 200. She is back to normal urine output now which is around 15-30 per hour. They are putting her on phosphorus and budget-saving wedding collection in vintage style ... magnesium today since they are a little low. They will more than likely have to use lasix again a few times today and with her still on the dopamine it's looking like it's going to be tomorrow before we are out of the PICU which is fine with us because we feel like family here!!:) we love our PICU family!! They are extremely happy with her kidney function and her creatinine was .2 this morning! My mom is feeling much better and will be going home today! God is good!!

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