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So disappointed in Sanford clinic right now. Playing with a person's medication is not cool. Tell me to take ibuprofen vs my tramadol. Do the Drs even look at your chart? Evidently not as I can't take it because I have a huge ulcer from it previously and already take 6 Tylenol arthritis a day for inflammation. Last visit cost me 550 to be told after a culture done to take a medication I am already on twice a day for my stomach problems. I felt bad for the poor nurse who had to call me with the bad news, she tried 2 different Drs to authorize it. I guess this is one more thing to chalk up for disability. Working part-time, but on my feet all the time is wreaking havic but better than the stress from other job. I can't seem to win for loosing. DressAfford wedding guest gowns for petites