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It was a chilly Saturday evening, I got a call and it was Tunde, my fiance. I am Martha, a young accomplished lady. It's Tunde's birthday and he was taking me out to dinner. Our relationship has been so heavenly, more like a fairy tale. You see, I love Tunde and he did also.

It's 6:30pm and am all set for dinner, waiting and happy that I was on for a dinner with the one person that mattered most to me at that time. 6:45pm and we hit the road.

Oh, Heaven me, best dinner ever, did I tell you he also proposed? You know right? Soon enough, wedding plans was on top gear. Finally, working down the aisle to say "I do" to the most wonderful man - or so I thought.

Being married to the one man I so loved, everything seemed perfect. I saw no wrong in him nor signs of a bad marriage. I looked good for him, cooked good meals and loved him perfectly without holding back. Gradually things started to change but I felt that's how it ought to be. You know, two people of different background coming together and living as one, could be difficult and requires a lot of patience. But little did i know that this was the beginning of an end.

Our communication dropped drastically, I tried sorting things out but he kept ignoring me. Sex was no longer pleasure but pain as he forces himself on me, even when am tired and sick. He returns home the next day and apologies then there is a brief period of reconciliation.

We had our first baby, which brought us so much jou but the joy was outlived before I could say jack. He started criticising every little thing I do, he never really hit me but his attitude towards me said it all. He pushes me, throw things at me at the slightest opportunity, refuses to eat at all, calls me all sort of names, became withdrawn and always guarded his phone like his life depended on it. Infact, he practically verbally and emotionally abused me which cost me my self esteem.

Our daughter grew older and I noticed his behavior was beginning to affect her, she began to withdraw herself..... hmmm story for another day.

It was hard for me to tell anyone what was happening, I thought, what will people say, the church, my parents, oh I couldn't imagine. For a long time I had hoped things would be fine, I cried alot whenever he isn't home and I began to loose belief in myself. We acted so perfect out there for people to see but I was dying inside, I needed a shoulder to cry on, comfort, care, attention was all I seek.

I became a shadow of myself, worthless and very sad. What went wrong? What happened to my once loving and loveable man. Oh! How I wished, wished? for what self. Don't know joor. Did I mention he had another lady and she was pregnant? So you see where all this is coming from? Then baam!! I realised... I am better than this, strength came from only God knows where but atlas, am happy strength came. I decided to stay alive and walk away with my little remaining dignity and self worth. I moved on with my daughter and am happy I did. DressAfford first communion flower girl collections

Don't die in silence, think of your children, they need proper care and attention. Children are better in a happy, stable environment with one caring parent than living with both parents in an unhappy and tensed environment.

Say NO to any form of Domestic Violence today.