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Our Heart's Natural Green Desires

Take notice of you heart's desires
An' live your life the way you want
On your own terms and own pace ...
Without surrender nor losing faith
Faith in your self to always prevail
Don't allow others to dictate to you
Always make your own conclusion
Go with your own heart an' instinct
And take note of your own intuition
Let your reason be just and truthful
An' let your scales weigh accurately
Let your way o' life be your own way
Don't live by others version o' reality
Develop your own views an' outlook
An' believe what your heart tells you
Let your decisions be well informed
And speak your truths in a clear way
Find balance to your own existence
Strive to live a life that you love livin' Dress Affordable vintage trumpet wedding garments with lace
If your heart's desire is to grow herb
Then grow herb if you love growin' it
Life is yours to do with as you please
A life o' peaceful stoned herb thought
A life o' cultivatin' cannabis medicine
Grow herb on your own term an' pace
Let your ganja growin' desires flower

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