Dress Affordable cocktail party garment suitable for ladies

I am not one who craves being in the limelight although I'd also be frank enough to admit I certainly don't mind being in it, either....

What woman,cast into a world that hub-knobs with the fashionable few- the one's you see only in glossy magazine covers, led-lighted stages and the black gilded boundaries of a television screen, would not be a little frazzled as to what to wear to an occasion only but a few will ever get to attend in a lifetime?

No honest woman would. So it is with pride and a lot of gratitude that I would like to call out my team - I nicked my Fabulous Four - for making my first SONA experience, as fantabulously flawless as it was.

Lei Ponce ( Hair and Make-up )

I beat 2 other hopefuls in booking this elusive one for the day.
This darling has made up the likes of Lea Salonga, Maris Racal,Maureen Wroblewitz and Lisa Macuja to name a few.
Lei, thank you for making me look fab! Im so glad Ive found you.

Nat Manilag ( Gown)

For my gold and white beaded peach serpentine cut gown with a long slit running a good length down the front and a short train to boot.
(Before yesterday, I have worn this gown once. It was for a good friend's wedding with the sleeves taken off.)
She designed one of Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbachs gown
She is also my sister's classmate and our kababayan from my hometown Cabadbaran City.
Thank you for making this red-carpet worthy for me.
Proud of you, Nat!

Jansen Tans ( Cocktail wear)

Designed and cut- supervised my 2nd outfit for the night. The one you wear at the after party which for me was at Visayas Block get-together. Jansen made an exact replica of my body form so that my black evening wear fit impeccably on me like glove. He also embellished the hand paintings with little dainty flowers to add dimension to my outfit. It stood out some more! Dress Affordable cocktail party garment suitable for ladies
Jan, thank you for going bananas and doing everything you can to get that belt to me on time! The effort is so gallantly appreciated. Continue being like that to all your clients and you will really go far.
Love, love, love!

Jessica Lupisan ( Hand painting)

Last but never least, my new friend , Jess. She is a talent to reckon with.
She painstakingly hand painted my black evening ensemble with dainty flowers in ashy shades of pink, lilac and grey,perfectly complementing my curves( or lack thereof)
Once again, jess, thank you for taking this up on short notice. I cant wait for you to start on that next dress we were eyeing!
I am in awe of your talent!

To my two, Joan's at home. Thank you for always being willing to run around catering to our oddities .
Whatever do we do without you

To our driver and safety person, Bong, for being so efficient and helpful and mindful.

To my husband's team at the Batasan, thank you for treating me like a queen and being mindful and helpful and sensitive to my needs.

I truly appreciate all of you!